#ExperienceCoaching video from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

We all have certain times in our life where we meet a crossroads and need to decide where life will take us next. Coaching is a powerful tool to use when considering and, more importantly, taking those next steps.

Leadership Coaching

In Leadership Coaching, clients can expect one-on-one sessions to unlock their potential as an effective and strategic leader in the organization. Whether you already have a leadership role in an organization or are currently working toward one, the importance of recognizing your strengths and opportunities as a leader will contribute to ongoing success.

Coaching leaders has been a passion of mine from the beginning of my coaching career because these clients are ready to be innovative with themselves in order to be innovative in their work.

Jeri Hoover, WPCC

What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?

Each person will be a unique leader, capable of achieving goals and being effective using their own methods. Leadership Coaching is by no means meant to cut all leaders from the same mold, in fact it’s quite the opposite. By investing time in developing leadership skills each client walks away from the coaching experience with a personalized approach to leadership.

Some of the topics and skills leaders can develop through coaching include:

  • Listening
  • Public Speaking
  • Gathering consensus
  • Strategic decision making
  • People management

Career Coaching

Career Coaching takes a slightly different approach than Leadership Coaching, although there can be overlap. This method is best suited for clients who are exploring making a change in their career path or are questioning what is next in their career. Developing skills is a part of the Career Coaching model; however, most of the work is exploratory with the client leading the discussion based on their discovered interests.

An example of topics covered in Career Coaching include:

  • Effective resume writing
  • Interviewing under pressure
  • Finding the right match for your next job
  • Defining strengths and opportunities