New to Coaching? I’m Accepting New Clients!

    October 24, 2021

    I am currently welcoming new coaching clients!

    Some of you know I’m working toward my next phase of coaching credentials with the International Coach Federation. In order to do this, I’ll need to increase my coaching hours over the next six months. If you or someone you know is looking to give coaching a try, please contact me!

    My rates are flexible (e.g. I’m open to coaching for trade). If you’re not sure, check out my coaching page or review these high level benefits of coaching:

    • Get clear on your goals and why you have them
    • Identify clear actions to reach those goals instead of daydreaming about reaching them
    • Accountability to and for yourself by investing time into a coaching alliance
    • Engaging in a process to discover new and helpful things about yourself
    • Enlist support through a coaching alliance, especially when you start working on the hard stuff

    Reach out on my contact page to find out more or email me at

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